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UC Working Paper Series

The UC Working Paper Series is a biannual publication geared towards undergraduates in order to encourage them to have exposure to research and further benefit from the experience: not only will this boost their CVs but also they will serve as models for what UC expects of our other students. The electronic version is freely available to all, whilst a limited issue of the print version is available for distribution to UC’s stakeholders to showcase this aspect of our research output.

Students may submit papers arising resulting from work done during our two undergraduate research courses (RES201 and RES301) or others as a result of term papers from their other courses or even their own independent research. The UC Working Paper Series welcomes all manuscript submissions from UC undergraduate students.

To encourage submissions, and also to build up students’ confidence and competence, academic reviewers will provide constructive feedback. However, please note that The University of Cambodia and the UC Working Paper Series Board ultimately reserve the right to publish or not publish any submission entirely at their discretion. If you have any questions or if you want to submit your work, please email director_crc@uc.edu.kh

Volume 3, Issue 1 (July 2020) 


Volume 2, Issue 2 (December 2019) 

  • UC Students on the Causes and Effects of Anxiety and Its Solutions (1)
    John Edison Tamayo, Keo Munyrath, and Chantha Miech
  • Factors Encouraging The University of Cambodia’s Students to Choose a Major for Their Bachelor’s Degree (22)
    An Nimol, Khit Soaphorn, and San Channiroth
  • Why Do Some Cambodian Youths Use Dating Apps? (39)
    Sry Lyhourch, Kaing Sokheang, and Mok Monil
  • The Challenges of Academic Writing for Undergraduate Students in Phnom Penh (50)
    Khim Rathanak, Min Vochivireakpheap, and Touch Ratha
  • Succession in Cambodia: Background, Disqualification and Types (74)
    Ratana Samnang
  • Cambodians’ Perspectives on Online Gaming (83)
    Sim Sina, Huy Panhavorn, and Kheang Somanithel


Volume 1, Issue 1 (December 2017)

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