Address of
Dr. Toshu Fukami

Chancellor of the University of Cambodia and

Chairman and Founder of the International Foundation for Arts and Culture
At the University of Cambodia on the

Books Launch

 1 November 2004



Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, President of the University of Cambodia,

Students and Faculty of the University of Cambodia,

Students from other universities,



1.    I would like to thank Dr. Kao Kim Hourn for his welcome remarks. I also want to thank you all for coming out to the University of Cambodia’s Books Launch.


2.    I am delighted to preside over the University of Cambodia’s Books Launch, which marks the beginning of the establishment of the University of Cambodia Press or the UC Press. The UC Press will be an important publication arm of the University of Cambodia, which will promote research and publications. At the same time, the release of two new publications by the University of Cambodia is to promote learning and education through a project called Building Cambodian Intellectual Community. As of today, the University of Cambodia has released the Journal of Cambodian Studies as well as my book entitled Secrets of Running Small Business in Khmer and publishing the UC News and Events. In fact, thousand of copies of this book had been distributed. I understand that there has been an increasing demand for this book. I hope to support the reprint of this book for more distribution.


3.    Now, I am pleased to see two new publications that are being released today by the University of Cambodia. First is my second book entitled Understanding Japan, which has been translated and published in Khmer. For the first time, you can read my works in your own language. I hope my other books will be translated and published by the University of Cambodia Press. I have been supporting the first two books, and I hope I can do more to support the translation and publication of other series of my books, which should be available in the Khmer language.


4.    The second book that we are releasing today is the Management of the Khmer Empire during the Angkor Era. I am happy to see research and publication done by Cambodians on the successes and achievements of Cambodia during the golden age of the Khmer Empire. I am sure that we can learn so much from that period, which may contribute to the instilling of confidence of the Cambodian people.


5.    By actively engaging research, scholarship and publications, I believe that the University of Cambodia has taken the lead in transforming the UC into a research-based university. This is an important step in building academic excellence and equality quality, as its faculty and students are doing more research and publications.


6.    In conclusion, as you pick up copies of the books, I hope you will spend the time reading them, digesting them, and learning from them. The distribution of publications today by the University of Cambodia is to help enrich your minds, your knowledge, and your future.


Thank you very much.