Remarks of Dr. Toshu Fukami

Chancellor of the University of Cambodia



Dear my dear friend, Frances Cairncross,

My good friend, Kao Kim Hourn,

His Excellency ASEAN Secretary General,

Friends, Colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I am pleased to welcome you once again to another Special Luncheon Address on the topic of “Why Universities Matter.” This is no doubt an important topic for Cambodia, let alone for the world. I think that the issues related to the university and education are crucial which require a lot of discussions and debates. The issues of standardization, academic quality, access to higher education, testing, and a host of others need to be addressed meaningfully and comprehensively.


I feel that my very good friend, Frances Cairncross, can speak on this topic very well. Frances is the Management Editor of the Economist magazine and Chair of Britain’s Economic and Social Research Council. In October, she becomes Rector of Exeter College, Oxford.


So without further due, let us welcome Frances Cairncross.


Thank you very much.