• Excellency Ith Sam Heng, Minister of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation;

  • Ms. Noun Phally; Executive Director, Future Light Orphanage of World Mate (FLOW);

  • Mr. Hal Darcey, Representative of the Parents and Representative of the Rotary Club;

  • Dr. Rick, Dyck, Member of the Board of Directors, FLOW;

  • Excellencies, Distinguished Members of the Diplomatic Corps;

  • Ladies and Gentlemen,


1.       I am very much honored to represent Dr Haruhisa Handa, Chairman of FLOW, Leader of World Mate, and Chancellor of the University of Cambodia, at this important 10th Anniversary of FLOW. Dr Handa wished that he could be here with all of us on this auspicious occasion, particularly with all the children at FLOW. Although I represent him at this special gathering today, he has also sent several other representatives as well, especially Ms Midori Miyazaki, who is also present with us.


2.       Taking this opportunity, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Ms Noun Phally, for all her important work at FLOW, since the very beginning until today. She has made great contributions to FLOW, especially to the many children who had been at this Center and who are now at FLOW. At the same time, I wish to acknowledge the significant contribution of Dr Rick Dyck to FLOW over the years as well. Dr Dyck has been an active supporter as well as a mover in bringing together all of the donors and supporters as well as in getting together all the Board members. Furthermore, I am pleased to note the other great contribution from Mr Hal Darcey and other representatives of the Rotary Club of Hawaii.


3.       This morning, FLOW is very much honored to have the high presence of His Excellency Mr Ith Sam Heng, Minister of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilition. As you may know, both Dr Handa and Minister Ith Sam Heng have known each other for some time now. Dr Handa has sent his warmest regards and best wishes to Minister Ith Sam Heng, as well as to everyone present at FLOW on this 10th anniversary.


4.       Dr Handa, who is a true believer in doing great humanitarian work, here in Cambodia and elsewhere in the world, wanted to be with all the children very much. He has asked me to tell all of you that every time that he visits Cambodia and sees the beautiful eyes of Cambodian children, they truly touch his heart deeply and passionately. Dr Handa cares so much for the children of Cambodia, especially the orphans who have no parents. As he looks into the innocent eyes of the Cambodian children, those very eyes have kept him wanting to visit Cambodia again and again.


5.       Dr Handa had visited Cambodia many times now to do many great works in this country. His contributions to Cambodia are countless—ranging from supporting the Cambodian orphans to assisting the victims of the Khmer Rouge genocide, from building schools to supporting university education for many young Cambodians, from promoting cultural exchange program to providing free health care and treatment to many of Cambodia’s poor. There are many other projects that he and his own organizations have been supporting Cambodia. Over the years, the Royal Government of Cambodia has officially recognized the work of Dr Handa. Dr Handa had met His Majesty King Norodom Monineath Sihamoni and Samdech Akka Moha Seni Padei Techo Hun Sen, and had received various medals and awards of honor for his significant contributions to Cambodia.


6.       Again, today, Dr Handa has asked me to put on record all of the contributions from key people who had made FLOW what it is today. For Ms Noun Phally, Dr Handa respects her for her bold initiative and achievements. For Dr Rick Dyck, Dr Handa acknowledges his contribution to the development and expansion of FLOW. Through Dr Dyck’s noble spirit, he has been able to mobilize and bring together important people who now serve on the Board of Directors of FLOW as well as being the sponsors of various programs and activities of FLOW. Dr Handa is also grateful to the Rotary Club in Hawaii for their active and important support of FLOW.


7.       As the Chairman of FLOW, Dr Handa wished to acknowledge all support from overseas, from within Cambodia, and from all of you for being present at this august gathering during the 10th Anniversary of FLOW. This 10th Anniversary is an important time to look back and assess all the achievements and successes. And I must say that FLOW has made a remarkable progress and achievement. As we look into the future, I am confident that FLOW will continue to make positive and substantive contribution to the Cambodian society by supporting the Royal Government of Cambodia and more importantly by caring for the Cambodian orphans as well as the poor children in this community and throughout the country.


8.       In closing, I would like to reiterate the message of Dr Handa, who has called for the need to continue to work together to care for the Cambodian orphans and to ensure that we will do all we can to assist the Cambodian society and the government to ensure that the Cambodian orphans are being looked after. At the same time, I wish to add that Dr Handa has expressed his full support for two other projects that will support the Cambodian orphans nationwide by establishing Dr Handa Fund for Cambodian Orphans with HV/AIDS and Disabilities and Dr Handa Fund for Cambodian Orphans’ Education. These two projects will be implemented through the University of Cambodia and in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation.


9.       Finally, I wish each one of you present at this 10th Anniversary of FLOW all the best of heath, happiness and success, especially the children and the staff of FLOW.


Thank you.