Friday 17 March 2017 09:58:29

The University of Cambodia strives to provide quality education for students to develop critical, analytical and creative thinking so they can make well-founded and ethical decisions and be part of an informed citizenry. The University promotes academic excellence at the national, regional and international levels and responds to the call for interdisciplinary research, teaching and training, by rethinking the structure and purpose of higher education in Cambodia.

The implementation of this involves nurturing and supporting a diverse faculty to engage in active research to bring excellence and innovation into the classroom, and to respond to the needs of students and the community. The faculty embodies the university’s interactive approach to change Cambodia’s higher education by way of:

  • Being a Centre of excellence for teaching and learning
  • Being a Centre of excellence for research and creativity
  • Being a Centre of excellence for language training and technology skills
  • Being a Centre of excellence in leadership, diplomacy and media training
  • Ensuring the long-term sustainable development of the University
  • Building alliances and partnerships for collaboration with universities, think tanks, the private and public sectors and other like-minded institutions to serve mutual interests
  • Being a Centre for continuing education and community development
  • Being a Centre of dialogues, conferences and interactions