2 Dec 2010: Meeting for New Student Organization (The UC Bulletin)

The UC Bulletin will host its first informational meeting on Thursday, December 2, at 11:15 am in the UC Banteaykdei room. We are looking for exceptional UC students to join our team and start a new student organization.

Are you interested in becoming a student editor, reporter, photographer, or designer? If so, come learn more about this amazing opportunity. You will gain valuable skills, knowledge, and long-lasting friendships. And when you apply for jobs, your experiences working in this student group will help you stand out and be more competitive.

Students must be academic students and can be in any term. No prior experience or knowledge related to journalism is assumed.

The UC Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter about University of Cambodia (UC) events and UC students and staff members. It is printed in color and distributed to the UC community, including to donors, supporters, and embassies.

For more information, please contact Seng-Dao Keo at seng@uc.edu.kh. Interested students may also stop by her office, which is located next to Ms. Gina Lopez’s office on the first floor of the main UC building.