INHA University Students Perform at SEATV

Eighteen Korean university students from Inha University, along with two Cambodian students, performed live on Sunday, January 23, 2011, on Southeast Asia Television (SEATV) as a part of the SEATV Concert television program, one of the most widely watched programs in Cambodia. Famous Cambodian stars Meas Soksophea, Chai Ly Dalen, and Krom Reymeas also performed on the program that night in front of a packed studio audience.

The students performance was a result of an ongoing partnership between the University of Cambodia (UC) and Inha University since the two universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in October 2010. UC and Inha officials plan to continue working together to strengthen academic cooperation and intercultural understanding.

The Korean students performed three pieces. They sang Seasons of Love from the Broadway hit Rent and performed two dance routines, one to Lets Go and another to the hit Korean pop song, Ill Be Back.

After the performance, the students commented that they really enjoyed visiting Cambodia and, when asked what their favorite Cambodian food was, many of the students eagerly responded in unison that chee (mint) was their favorite.  

The three routines were a part of a larger performance the Inha students prepared. The students were in Cambodia on a group volunteer mission, during which they performed dance routines, songs, and magic tricks for young Cambodians. They volunteered at Tang Krosang Primary School in Phnom Penh from January 13 24 and at an orphanage in Siemp Reap from January 25 27 to build the capacity of young Cambodians and to encourage intercultural understanding. The Inha students also spent an afternoon learning about Cambodian history in a workshop presented by Dr. Kyle D. Latinis, UC Dean of Research and Development.

Dr. Yong-Ho Kim, Professor of Political Science at Inha, and Dr. Young Hee Cho, Senior Research Fellow at the Korean Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (KISEAS), accompanied the students on their two-week mission in Cambodia.

The students put together a dance performance to show the unity and friendship between our two countries, said Dr. Young Hee Cho.

Peter Tan Keo, UC Vice President for Strategy, Development and International Cooperation, worked with SEATV officials Lach Bunthan, Deputy Director-General in charge of Administration, and Kevin Kouch, Deputy Director-General in charge of Production and Broadcasting, to coordinate the groups performance on the television program. Mr. Keo said he believes this is a wonderful opportunity for Cambodian students to be exposed to the importance of volunteerism and also the Korean culture, adding that UC is excited to continue building this valuable partnership.

Inha University is located in Incheon, the Republic of Korea, and consists of 12 undergraduate colleges and nine graduate schools.