Students Participate in Launch Event for UNDP Report on Human Capital

Students Participate in Launch Event for UNDP Report on Human Capital

By Lim Nguon (UC Student)


Ten undergraduate students from the University of Cambodia (UC) were invited to attend a launch event in which findings of a UNDP report on human capital in Cambodia were presented. The report was a collaborative effort between UNDP Cambodia and the Supreme National Economic Council. The event was hosted on August 12 in Phnom Penh.

The report, "Human Capital Implications of Future Economic Growth in Cambodia: Elements of a Suggested Roadmap," identified existing gaps in education and skills development as constraints to Cambodia’s economic development and its efforts to reduce poverty. It also offered recommendations aimed at improving Cambodia’s human resource development, increasing the country’s economic competitiveness, and reducing poverty. These recommendations included improving the quality of education and training programs, producing a long-term financial plan, and developing a system for coordination and cooperation between different ministries, research and academic institutions, and civil society organizations.

The seminar was divided into two sessions, the first of which was a presentation by Dr. Satish Mishra, UNDP Consultant, and the second, a panel discussion focused on the Human Capital Roadmap.

In addition to saying that they enjoyed the discussion about the Human Capital Roadmap at the launch event, a few of the UC students said the event made them reflect upon their own educational experiences in Cambodia and their prospects for finding good jobs based on their qualifications.

"It was a great seminar to participate in, and I acquired. . .sophisticated knowledge from this launch ceremony and the panel discussion," said Chanty Pisal, UC Student Senate (UCSS) President. He continued to say that he would share what he had learned from the seminar to other UC students and friends.

Students from UC are featured prominently on the front cover of the report, which can be downloaded online at