Financial Management work shop for HEIs

The University of Cambodia sent 3 staff members to attend a training at New Beach Hotel, Sihanouk Ville from 01-07 November 2015.

  1. Thourk Chanda, Accountant at Office of Accounting and Finance
  2. Chheng Sereyroth, Cashier at Office of Accounting and Finance
  3. Rith Sreyvorleak, Cashier at Office of Accounting and Finance

There were 17 institutions present at the workshop. The workshop focused on planning and budgeting proposals, HEI guidelines, data management, and computer system computations. The overall goal was to teach the semi-systems on financial management of revenues and expenditures, including the proper structure system for a finance office.

The workshop was held for 5 days with officials from 10 higher education institutions involved in teaching techniques to share experiences with other institutions.

The purpose of this workshop focused on five main points:

  1. Financial Procedures: It is important to have a financial manual and to prepare the financial structure. It is also important to have proper accounting records and systems.
  2. Accounting Software: Allows a large number of transactions to be entered and financial reports to be produced automatically. Additionally software provides more security over ac-counting data. QuickBooks System is important for controlling data in different categories, such as income, expense, lists of students, lists of lecturers, course scores and grades, etc.
  3. Advanced Excel: This refers to the compilation and calculation formulas used in the Excel system for quick and easy calculations using the keyboard.
  4. Planning and Budgeting: It is crucial to have a solid Financial Strategic plan and Annual Budget.
  5. Financial Reporting: This section focused on handling and recording the use of petty cash, financial statements, and the overall financial system.

All the topics covered in this workshop are incredibly important for HEIs. It is important to consistent-ly be in touch with the most up to date financial procedures and tools to stay current and transparent and avoid any possible mistakes. On the last day of the workshop, MoEYS gave certificates to all those who attended.