HOCC Retreat and Charity Event 2015

On 8 – 9 November 2015, Help Our Commu-nity Club (HOCC) conducted its fourth mission under the theme of “HOCC Retreat and Charity Event 2015” to Sihanouk province. This mission was successfully done with the conscious efforts of the HOCC execu-tive team and the strong support from its members and other participants. Moreover, many external do-nors have contributed their financial support and other study materials to the event. The HOCC Retreat and Charity Event 2015 consisted of two objectives. First, we brought donations to help a remote primary school called Chan Kroham Primary School located in Chan Kroham village, Bak Rortis commune, Kampong Sela district, Sihanouk province. Second, HOCC held their annual meeting to review the achievements and ways forward for HOCC in coming years.

At the remote school, our participants got a warm welcome from the kids, teachers, and lo-cal people there. We distributed study materials and some clothes to about 50 students and local people. They were so happy and excited to meet such gener-ous people like us, as their community has rarely been visited by others.

In Sihanoukville, HOCC members and friends reviewed all the achievements from 2015, and dis-cussed a new leadership structure for 2016. Mr. NENG Vannak, HOCC Chairman, mentioned that “HOCC has accomplished many remarkable social activi-ties, including the kind support from HOCC mem-bers, friends, and donors, to the most-needy people in rural areas.” Moreover, participants expressed that they enjoyed being involved in social activities, as they could learn many new things from those events. They also realized that they could participate in help-ing the society with HOCC. HOCC also proclaimed that it would increase their activities in 2016 to help the most-needy people. HOCC plans to increase more partnership and networks, seek new potential donors, and identify target groups.

After the end of the group meeting, partici-pants launched the green beach campaign by collect-ing rubbish along Ocheteal beach in order to raise awareness for visitors to keep the environment clean, especially along the beach, which could attract more visitors. Environmental protection is one of the three components of sustainable development. This is a good sample for all tourists to focus on the good envi-ronment of the beach.

Help Our Community Club (HOCC) was of-ficially founded on 15 October 2014. The club was founded by Mr. NENG Vannak, after he had orga-nized study tours and charity missions for students and alumni of the University of Cambodia (UC) and their friends to some historical sites and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and communi-ties in Takeo, Kep and Kampong Speu provinces. Its vision is to improve the existing conditions of our poor and vulnerable communities. The mission of HOCC is to encourage local communities, including children, high school students and university students, to focus on their studies. The club’s core value is to provide study materials to local children and to share good advice, knowledge and experiences with high school and university students.