Outstanding by Mr. Ben Chetra

Do you do anything different when studying for a quiz or exam?
“When I have an exam or quiz, I can say that I change my habits, but just a little bit. I need to do some more research, and spend a little bit more time to study as well. I also do group study on Saturdays or Sundays, we will come to the UC library for four or five hours, and conduct study together before the quiz or exam.”

Do you study at another university or have a job or internship?
“I work as an IT administrator at a lottery company. I work from Monday – Friday full day, and sometimes on Saturday mornings.”

How do you manage your time and schedule?
“Talking about the time management, yes it is not easy because I have to study while I am working also. Mostly I just follow my daily habits which are pretty strict, but for important activities I will use my cell phone to note down the dates and details so I do not forget it.”

Being a student can be a very stressful and busy time, how do you manage your health?
“The most important thing that I do to manage my stress is to spend time with friends and to read books. If my friends are busy, I will just read a book when I feel stressed. I like to spend time with my friends though because we can laugh together and talk about this and that.”

What are your future plans?
“After I finish here, I want to work for the government doing research related to IT. If I cannot work for the state, then I would like to work in a company that is related to IT, maybe like a bank or something.”

What advice can you give to other students who are hoping to be more successful next term?
“For me, I would just give the recommendation that as we are students we should spend more time to study. We should focus on what the lecturer teaches. We need to guide ourselves and learn more for ourselves. Our lecturers, they are just there to guide us, we must make our own selves successful. I can say also that some students don’t reduce their stress; they need to give themselves some time to reduce stress and have some fun. We have enough time to study, so we need to spend our time studying rather than wasting time on unimportant things. We need to focus and work hard because the country’s development depends on us, so I think we are the pillar of development for our country, so we need to work hard for this.”