Students’ Choice Awards

by: Rith Phyna, (on behalf of MKT306)
It all started in the class of MKT306: Public Relations. We have learned from the course that projecting a certain image is very important to every institution, as that image will be how the public perceives the institution. Therefore, reputation building is an important part of an organizational strategy for success. We then reflect this idea back to our very own university, in which the people whose perception matters most are none-other than the university students. In addition, the ones that students spend most of their time interacting with at school are the lecturers. It is not hard to see why lecturers are, in a way, the image of the university.
Thus, a project was born. Our team was committed to gather the voices from students in all sessions. We strived to cover as many students as possible because we think that is the best way to have information that best represents the voice the students of the University of Cambodia. With all the man-power we could get our hands on, we divided our team into four groups to conduct surveys with students in all four sessions. The vote was to be based on ten categories. Students were not given any names as choices. Instead, the questionnaires left blank space and asked the students to write down the name of the lecturers they thought are most suited to each category, regardless of the faculty or session. Our team was only there to explain each of the categories, and to make sure all students clearly understood the votes they casted. It took a while to process the tremendous amount of votes we received, but after all the data was clearly counted and reviewed, with the support of the Associate Dean of the College of Management - Ms. Gina V. Lopez, our team was able to organize an event on June 30th, 2015, to do the honor of presenting certificates to the winning lecturers in all the categories. The event was entitled, Students’ Choice Awards.
With the support of the lecturers and the students of the University of Cambodia, the awarding ceremony was a success. The statements made by the award-winning lecturers were all very inspirational and gave the participants various kinds of advice. The attending students, who were also the voters for the event, were clearly very excited about the results. We believe all the students agree with us that it was priceless to see the lecturers’ smiles upon receiving their awards. In a way, we all want to let our lecturers know that we appreciate everything that that they do for us. They, without a doubt, are sacrificing everyday for the good of the students.
The winners of the Students’ Choice Awards are as follows:
Best Associate Dean: Ms. Gina V. Lopez
Lecturer of the Year: Dr. IN Sophal
Most Helpful Lecturer: Mr. LY Kong Sochan
Best Demystifying Lecturer: Mr. LY Kong Sochan & Mr. THY Soklin
Most Hard Working Lecturer: Mr. VY Sovyl
Most Encouraging Lecturer: Ms. HENG Chakrya
Most Interesting Lecturer: Ms. Marilou Dela Sierra
Most Innovative Lecturer: Mr. HOY Samphear
Most Ethical Lecturer: Mr. KEP Bunly
Best Assignment Giving Lecturer: Dr. IN Sophal Students

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