Students Exchange Programme Universiti Putra Malaysia

On January 28-29, 2016, The University of Cambodia hosted an international exchange student programme for five students from the Universiti Putra Malaysia. This program is a part of the Memorandum of Understanding between The University of Cambodia and Universiti Putra Malaysia in an effort to promote knowledge and cultural sharing through a program of international collaboration and networking. The objectives of this programme were:

  1. To exchange knowledge and culture between staff and students of both universities;
  2. to gain more knowledge about The University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS),and how to successfully implement student council initiatives; and
  3. to establish an educational bond between both universities at an international level.

UCSS representatives had a chance to join the program and interact with the group of exchange students during the full two-day program with The University of Cambodia. The two-day programme schedule was as below:

Day 1: 28th January 2016:

  1. Introduction and briefing session
  2. Tour of UC campus and facilities
  3. Attend class on ‘History of Cambodia’

Day 2: 29th January 2016

  1. Attend class on Research Methodology
  2. Tour to Killing Fields
  3. Traditional games and sports

On the exchange students arrival date, Dr. Y Ratana, Vice President for Academic Affairs, with the participation from other UC staff and students including Dr. Michael Minehan, Dean for Graduate Studies Division; Professor Din Merican, Associate Dean for TSS; Ms. Toptosseda UK, Director for the Office of President; Ms. Nem Sowathey, Director of Public Affairs, Communications and Alumni; Ms. Kong Rathana, Director of the Office of the University Registrar; Mr. Tep Reaksmey, Designer for the Office of Public Af-fairs, Communications and Alumni; Mr. Chheng Vichet, Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs; and UCSS representatives, gave a warm welcome to the exchange students from UPM. Next, Dr. Y Ratana briefly explained about UC’s background, mission, and accomplishments. The group of exchange students also had the opportunity to explore the campus, and visit the university’s fantastic facilities.

In the afternoon, the exchange students joined the class, History of Cambodia, taught by Lecturer Meas Raksmey. The students had a chance to gain some knowledge about the history of Cambodia as a nation. They also actively interacted with the Cambodian students in the class through group discussions. After class, the students visited a UCSS performance rehearsal for an upcoming competition.

In morning of day two, the group of exchange students joined UC’s Research Methodology class, taught by Lecturer Travis Mitchell. After the class, the students visited the Killing Fields, and participated in the informative audio tour to learn more about the genocide in Cambodia.

In the afternoon of the last day, the group of exchange students had a great time enjoying traditional Khmer games prepared by UCSS students. A farewell dinner reception was arranged at a local vegetarian restaurant for the exchange students, and a few UCSS and UC staff representatives. The group of exchange students then continued their trip to Siem Reap province after their visit to The University of Cambodia.

A special thanks to other UC staff who fully gave their support and assistance to this exchange pro-gram including: Mr. Pay Chheng How, Associate Dean for the College of Arts, Humanities and Languages and Director of the Center for English Studies; Mr. Loch Vantha, Director of the Office of Student Academic Affairs; and Mr. Keo Chhorthong, Director of the Academic Foundation Department; and the entire team from the Office of Administration, the Office of Finance and Accounting and the Office of Admission, Information and Registration.



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