The Voice of College of Management VOICE of AMERICA Washington

As the Associate Dean and Lecturer of the College of Management, I always tell my students that we have the responsibility to motivate them, but they have the same responsibility to motivate us! Our accomplishment is to see them grow and achieve their goals. We are the happiest human beings when success comes to them! Sharing some of the College of Management’s success and pride is to have one of its alumni being part of people’s lives every day, the voice that could bring the latest news around the world through the Voice of America – Washington, Ms. Leakhena Sreng.

Ms. Leakhena Sreng graduated from the University of Cambodia in 2012. Her major was Business Management. In late 2013, Leakhena received a scholarship from Ohio University to pursue her Master’s degree in International Studies concentrating on Asian Studies. During her time in the States, besides studying, Leakhena worked as a research assistant, and she also was selected to be a treasurer for the Southeast Asian Student Association. Apart from her studies and work, she took opportunities to travel around to different states in America to see how big the world outside Cambodia is. “It was life changing for me”, she said.

Right after her graduation from Ohio University, Leakhena was recruited as an International Broadcaster at Voice of America, a Khmer service based in Washington D.C. “It is a very inspiring job for the reason that I, at least, can contribute to Cambodia by informing them about the real news. Everytime I enter the studio and get ready to broadcast the news to the world, especially to the 15 million people in Cambodia, I am very excited at the image of the elders in the countryside who are just back from their farm, turning their radio on and listening to the news with their families as they are having dinner or getting ready to go to sleep at night”, she told. Leakhena just wanted to say thanks to everyone especially her family, friends and her lecturer and Associate Dean, Gina Lopez, who from time to time listens to her broadcasting though she can not understand Khmer language that much. “It was a great encouragement for her”, she added.

This is to show the diverse skills of our students at the University of Cambodia especially in the College of Management, wherever they go, they SHINE!