UC FOUNDATION Request for Scholarship Funding

The University of Cambodia (UC) is requesting funding to support its UC Scholarship Program. A large majority of potential Cambodian university students are unable to afford the tuition fees to at-tend a local university, so the Scholarship Program is critical to alleviate this major obstacle to self advancement. At the same time, funding for the Scholarship Program helps the university to cover its operat-ing expenses and maintain its high academic standards.

Although much development progress has been made in the past two decades, the consequences of Cam-bodia’s recent history continue to limit the formation and development of skills among Cambodian youth, particularly those most affected by exclusionary factors such as poverty, gender, ethnicity, and geographic remoteness. The UC Scholarship Program is a targeted effort to support the educational development of high-achieving Cambodian students across the country, so they can develop the necessary skills and compe-tency to become knowledgeable employees and engaged citizens.

At this time, a large majority of Cambodian students need financial assistance to pursue and complete their higher degree programs and have other enriching educational opportunities. Roughly 80 percent of the 3,000+ students enrolled at UC are on full or partial scholarships, made possible by generous donors. The university anticipates that this figure will remain high for several years until a majority of Cambodian families are financially secure enough to make this investment on their own. Additionally, there are currently no government agencies or private institutions that offer student loans to Cambodian students to help them pay for university tuition, living expenses, or learning enrichment opportunities that include research, intern-ships, and teaching.

The university is seeking financial and in-kind donations to create more scholarships for students in need. Scholarships are awarded to students who score highest on a competitive exam targeted towards impover-ished students, students from rural areas, ethnic minority students, and female students.

Funding in the Scholarship Program will substantially help UC raise the standards for research, critical thinking, innovation, and problem solving—the ultimate goal is for UC students to be marketable not only in Cambodia, but also regionally and globally. By providing access to high-quality learning opportunities for students, as well as emphasizing fluency in the English language for students in the International Track, UC trains and prepares its students to make strong, positive contributions to Cambodian society through social and economic development.

If you would like to contribute to the UC Scholarship Program and give students across the country the opportunity to live their dreams and change lives, please contact UC Foundation representatives to help give the gift that matters most, a higher education.

Ms. Samantha Smith Advisor to the President University of Cambodia Samantha@uc.edu.kh

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