Up-Coming Events

» Announcement to the UC Community on Orientation for Comprehensive Exit Examinations (CEX401)

» ការជ្រើសរើសសាស្រ្តាចារ្យសិល្បៈ

» Announcement about Conflict Resolution and Management on the job Event

» AFD Graduation Ceremony (English)

» សេចក្តីជូនដំណឹង ស្តីពី ពិធីប្រគល់វិញ្ញាបនបត្រថ្នាក់ឆ្នាំសិក្សាមូលដ្ឋាន

» Announcement on the Naming of Lecture Halls after ASEAN Member States and Dialogue Partners

» Announcement about Skills and Career Development Center (SCDC) will host a "Public Speaking Competition Event"

» សេចក្តីជូនដំណឹង ស្តីពី ការបោះឆ្នោតជ្រើសតាំងសភានិស្សិត សាកលវិទ្យាល័យ កម្ពុជា អាណត្តិទី ១១ ឆ្នាំ២០១៧

» Announcement The Skills and Career Development Center (SCDC) Will Host a Workshop on “Family Life Education”

» Announcement on the International New Year’s Concert Hosted by the UC Student Senate on 24 December 2016

» សិទ្ធិនិងការទទួលខុសត្រូវរបស់និស្សិត

» Student's Rights and Responsibilitie

» Announcement on Officeal Results of BA Comprehensive Examination

» សេចក្តីជូនដំណឹង ស្តីពី​ ការប្រកាសលទ្ធផល នៃការប្រឡងបញ្ចប់ការសិក្សាថ្នាក់បរិញ្ញាបត្រ

» Announcement That The 2nd Annual Alumni Reunion Has Been Rescheduled To Saturday, December 24 at 2:00PM ( in Khmer)

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