Evaluation of Academic Staff

Like any other educational institute, we need to make sure that our lecturers are providing their students with a suitable, quality education. Only in this way will prospective employers regard our graduates as worthy of active consideration; and future prospective students consider us as their university of choice.
To achieve this, we evaluate potential lecturers through filtering of their resumés, followed by interviews.
Once a suitable person has been selected to teach a particular course, they are:
  • given a copy of our 'Green Book', which provides details about our expectations of them during their time of teaching at UC; and
  • required to sign a pledge, to further reinforce what is expected of them. (It is unfortunate that we have to ask all our lecturers to go through this procedure, but a few irresponsible individuals in the past have made us realise that we have little choice in the matter.)
During their course, they are also evaluated in various ways:

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