Workshop on ESAP Curriculum Development

By: Mr. Sok Sovanchandara

On July 21st-22nd, Mr. Sok Sovanchandara, Assistant Dean for the College of Arts and Humanities at UC, attended the second technical meeting on, “Developing English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) Curriculum in Cambodian Higher Education Institutions”, at the Department of Higher Education (DHE).

The meeting was presided over by Dr. Nith Bunlay, Deputy Director General of DHE.

This meeting was a follow-up activity which aimed to provide further technical support to higher education institutions (HEIs). Initially, Dr. No Fata presented an overview of the theoretical framework in developing ESAP curriculum in Cambodian HEIs. The presentation attracted many comments, questions, and feedback from various universities throughout Phnom Penh. Dr. Nith Bunlay continued to stress the challenges facing HEIs in Cambodia, in addition to the needs for ASEAN integration in 2015. He pointed out the importance of ESAP in enabling graduates to communicate functionally in their areas of expertise on a global scale.

The meeting was discussion based as each participant was required to submit a needs-analysis report, course syllabus and curriculum of a particular major. The meeting reviewed each submission, the
strengths and the opportunities. This process is extremely important as these sources of information are the foundation of knowledge necessary to write textbooks for our future generation.