What are your daily study habits?
“I study every day. I review my lessons at night during the week, and search for new information in the afternoon
on the weekends. I study for about one hour a day, two hours maximum.”

Do you do anything different when studying for a quiz or exam?
“Yes. I will skip doing research and focus only on reviewing lessons and notes. Also, I will study longer than usual, maybe three hours instead of two. I also study with classmates and ask questions to my lecturers.”

Do you study at another university or have a job or internship?
“I also study at ACE. I take a general English course every morning. I don’t have a job or internship. I would like to, but I haven’t found the opportunity.”

How do you manage your time and schedule?
“I use a calendar on my computer for assignments and deadlines.”

Being a student can be a very stressful and busy time, how do you manage your health?
“I always find time to go out with friends and relax. My family is also very supportive. They allow me to focus my time on studying and don’t make me do much housework. Also, my dad loves healthy food, and always makes sure that I have a healthy meal at home.”

What are your future plans?
“I am hoping to work in the government after I graduate, or to receive a scholarship to study for my master’s degree abroad.”

What advice can you give to other students who are hoping to be more successful next term? “Three things: first, spend more time studying than playing Facebook. Second, be open minded and don’t be
afraid to ask questions. When we have a problem with studying, our friends or lecturers can help. And third, as a student we have to welcome feedback. Don’t feel ashamed of getting bad results; realize that they can help us to get better results next time.”