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As Cambodia recovers from its traumatic past, and thereby modernizes and interacts    more regionally and globally, there is an ever-growing need for professionals with an in-depth knowledge of our own country's rules of law; Cambodian and international regulations governing trade and commerce between countries; international conventions on the environment, labor, intellectual property, human rights; and also dispute resolution. Such knowledge is important for both policy development and advocacy work within Cambodia    

To teach the skills essential to become a qualified lawyer, thus strengthening the Rule of Law in Cambodia.


Associate Degree in Law  (LLA)

Bachelor’s Degree (LLB) in

Master's Degree (LLM) in

Many people have the misconception that those who study law only do so to become judges, attorneys-at-law or court officers. In fact, studying law can help people in various careers where a comprehensive law background is helpful:

  • Court System: judge, attorney-at-law, court officer, court clerk, court reporter, police officer or forensic scientist
  • Social Work: women and children's aid, human rights advocate or divorce mediator
  • Public Sector: government official, Parliament member or diplomat
  • Private Sector: financial consultant, business consultant, CEO or manager
  • Freelancer: legal consultant or paralegal


  1. Our programs carefully polish students, giving them a solid grounding in the core subject areas of the law: constitutional law, commercial law, contract law, criminal law, civil law, administrative law, public as well as private international law and more, with qualified and experience instructors.
  2. We teach skills in presenting effective written and oral arguments and the ability to conduct research or learn in-depth about the area law where they work.
  3. We encourage students to practice in moot courts or client counseling activities; thus they can feel confident in presenting their oral arguments and case analysis.

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