UC Volunteers Program

In September 2016, The University of Cambodia launched the UC Volunteers Program (UCVP) in order to encourage students to make an impact in the community by dedicating their time, energy, and resources to improving the livelihood of others. UC encourages volunteerism for eight reasons: 1) to expose students to the benefits of community service; 2) to balance students’ studies with real life practical work experience; 3) to help students understand the needs of society on the ground level, especially in rural communities; 4) to show how members of the community address their day to day challenges, which in turns helps students become more effective problem solvers; 5) to contribute to activities that help develop local communities in Cambodia; 6) to develop students’ leadership and professional skills as they work with community partners; 7) to help students establish healthy, productive relationships with local and international companies in Cambodia; and 8) to establish camaraderie and a spirit of inclusion and togetherness among UC students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

Volunteering provides valuable services to the community, and promotes a culture of giving back. It also encourages people in the community to clean up and protect the environment. Volunteering also connects our students to younger primary and high school students by inspiring them and teaching them, while simultaneously promoting our own academic programs. Volunteering can also help inspire and enhance UC students by mentoring them and academically counseling them to improve their grades and encourage them to work harder.

Potential activities for the UCVP include organizing clean ups and other environmental projects to create a healthier and more environmentally friendly society. The UC Horticulture Club will play a vital role in developing these environmental projects. UCVP will also partner with primary schools to read to students, which will help develop a strong and stable reading culture in Cambodia for generations to come. UCVP will also partner with high schools to assist in projects and build relationships with students to encourage them to continue their studies. UCVP students will also tutor students who are falling behind, and partner with AFD students to help their transition from high school to university. UCVP will also collaborate with the UC Sport Club to organize ‘activity days’ (traditional games, sporting events, educational games (trivia, spelling contests, etc)) on the UC campus for primary and secondary students and those in orphanages to inspire hope and cooperation. The club will also organize, in conjunction with UCSB, responsible tourism campaigns and activities to promote the awareness of responsible tourism behaviors throughout Cambodia.

If students are interested to join, they should contact Mr. Travis Mitchell, Director of the Council for Research and Creativity, on the 10th floor for more information or email director_crc@uc.edu.kh.