Teaching at UC

The University of Cambodia values quality, progress and the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom above all else, and thus expects all faculty members to possess and implement these values as well. UC’s mission is to equip students with the necessary skills to be successful in the globalizing world we live in, meaning students must be taught critical thinking skills and research methodologies while simultaneously cultivating a healthy curiosity for the world around them thus promoting a culture of life long learning. Faculty members must be committed to upholding the mission and values of the University in addition to being fully engaged in cultivating an integrated, immersive learning environment for students.

Faculty members at UC must be dedicated to providing the highest quality of education to students by evoking the most current theories in their curriculum while using an interactive approach to teaching by employing both theoretical and practical components in their lessons. Additionally, faculty members must be fully committed to the University and participate in University sponsored events like forums, distinguished lectures, think tanks and research endeavors. UC is proud of the vast pool of diverse and experienced faculty members currently on staff and welcomes any interested individuals, who embody the high standards outlined above, to apply to join our distinguished faculty.

Guidelines and expectations for faculty members in the School of Graduate Studies can be found in the Graduate Teaching Handbook.