Faculty Code of Conduct

Faculty members at The University of Cambodia are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct and thus do the following:

  • come prepared for the lesson;
  • be properly attired, and both start and stop on time;
  • refrain from taking the easy option of merely spoon-feeding the students;
  • motivate and encourage students to be active learners, by facilitating participation in classroom activities, challenging them to think for themselves and thereby develop an understanding of the underlying principles;
  • show humility and respect for the students, while respecting cultural sensitivities
  • be positive in making criticisms;
  • treat all students fairly, both face-to-face and in marking their work; nurture each student’s self-respect and self-confidence (where necessary), and thus encourage their increasing independence in thought and action;
  • gain the confidence of class and maintain confidentiality;
  • not accept any gifts from students, to avoid misunderstandings;
  • avoid arranging to meet students off-campus, other than as groups preferably involving the whole class. To avoid misunderstandings, they should seek prior approval of the relevant Associate Dean;
  • avoid organizing tours for students in the name of the University, or in situations where others may consider the University liable in the absence of any legal disclaimers, without prior permission of the University;
  • not sell anything to the students; and
  • coordinate with other instructors and support staff to ensure that things flow smoothly for students and everyone else at The University of Cambodia.