Hiring and Promotion

The University of Cambodia's policy regarding the hiring, re-hiring and promotion of instructors

For the hiring of instructors, apparently suitably-qualified individuals are selected for an initial evaluatory interview, based on their submitted resumes: the purpose of this interview is to establish the applicant's potential as an instructor, and the areas where they could best contribute to the development of the University. Applicants will have to take either an English test or a computer-based test.

  • An absolute priority is the ability to communicate adequately – to understand and to be easily understood – in English.
  • Equally important is that the applicant should have a healthy attitude – they should be reliable, and able to make a positive contribution not just to the University of Cambodia but also towards Cambodian society and culture in general.
              o    Only then can the individual be considered as contributing to Cambodia's renaissance as a sovereign nation – the avowed mission of our University.
  • Potential instructors for courses run by the Centre for English Studies preferably should have at least a Bachelor's or equivalent degree, although this requirement may be relaxed in the case of native speakers.
  • Potential instructors for undergraduate courses should have:
              o    At least a relevant Bachelor's degree, preferably with additional teaching or other experience
  • Potential instructors for graduate courses should have:
              o    At least a relevant Master's degree, preferably with additional teaching or other experience
  • Their qualifications and their experience will determine their level of entry into our Faculty, and thus their rate of remuneration.
    For the re-hiring of instructors to teach appropriate courses, the following are taken into consideration.
  • An adequate performance in their previous term's Attendance Score(s) is an absolute requirement
  • An good performance in the Student Evaluations for their previous terms' teaching is also important, although our own independent evaluations will allow us to identify mitigating circumstances where applicable.
    For the promotion of instructors, we need to have adequate justification. One or more of the following will help us to consider the instructor's case favorably.
  • A clear commitment to our University, to teaching, and to our other activities.
  • Evidence for continuing upgrading of one's knowledge and capabilities, through research and scholarship, whether through individual or University-based projects (reinforced by refereed publications as evidence of productive activity).
  • Regular participation in seminars, conferences, round-tables, etc., on issues relevant to the instructor's field of expertise.