Cambodian Journal of International Studies

The Cambodian Journal of International Studies (ISSN 2663-1253) is published twice a year at six-monthly intervals, in January and July; the electronic version is freely available to all, whilst a limited issue of the print version is available for distribution to UC’s stakeholders to showcase this aspect of our research output.
The Cambodian Journal of International Studies is an interdisciplinary academic journal which seeks to serve as a forum for researchers to share their findings on matters related to Cambodia and its place in Southeast Asia and the world at large. Thus it will include papers and other articles which each provide balanced and non-partisan, and thus provide objective insights into the topics which they consider. Areas which will be considered for publication include, but are not limited to:

i. the theory and practice of international relations at the political and diplomatic level;
ii. comparative economic studies, including of particular trade blocs;
iii.  comparative social and public policy studies; and
iv.   comparative studies of a biological, geographical or geological nature.

In addition, other types of paper for example, reviews (including book reviews), commentaries, viewpoints, meeting reports and interviews with noted researchers and practitioners in these areas will also be considered.

  •     Note that, despite its title, the Journal will include contributions of a local nature, covering studies at the national level.

Manuscripts for consideration should be submitted as Word or OpenOffice documents, prepared according to the appropriate guidelines. It will be processed by the Managing Editor in consultation with members of the full-time Editorial Board; where necessary, additional outside referees will be consulted. Thereafter, feedback for the authors will be provided using a standard form if appropriate.

  • Initially, the Editorial Board comprises academics from The University of Cambodia, with the advice from outside referees on various paper submissions as appropriate. Once it has become established as a platform for the publication of such studies, the Board will be expanded accordingly.

The Cambodian Journal of International Studies strives to be a neutral publication for the promotion of peace and understanding in the region and beyond. Given that some papers may deal with contentious issues, the Journal will do its best to ensure that each presents an objective portrayal of the issue under consideration, whilst at the same time trying to ensure academic freedom of publication. Thus the aim of the is seek to provide a balanced approach to contentious issues through providing a forum for transparent and open debate, and hence promote objective discussion and provide a medium for constructive dialogue between those with different views. Where a paper has been submitted which is considered to be otherwise of merit but fails to give a balanced overview of a particular issue, the Journal will publish it as an opinion piece, giving the opportunity for others to respond. The Journal reserves the right to reject any submission which is considered to be not fit to print in an academic forum.

Volume 4, Issues 1 and 2 (Dec 2020)

Volume 3, issue 2 (July 2019)

Volume 3, issue 1 (January 2019)

Volume 2, issue 2 (July 2018)

Volume 2, issue 1 (January 2018)

Volume 1, issue 2 (August 2017)

Volume 1, issue 1 (December, 2016)