Message from BoT Chairman

Dr. Kao Kim Hourn
Co-Founder, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees

The University of Cambodia is now 18 years old, and the progress that’s been made since its inception is evident. UC was built with the mission of providing the highest quality education for all Cambodian students, and to steer the academic focus towards preparing students for the evolving social, political, and economic tides. At UC, we have two mottos, “In pursuit of knowledge and wisdom,” and “Building tomorrows leaders”. We put these words into action by consistently reviewing and updating our curriculum, hiring the most qualified national and international faculty and staff, and providing a plethora of scholarships to deserving students every year. By implementing a student-centered and student-oriented approach, UC ensures that all students are well prepared with the skills and habits they need to be successful after graduation.

UC provides an excellent learning environment for students with academic freedom at the forefront of this effort. Creativity, imagination, originality, technology and leadership are all important pillars of UC, which support the rigorous academic training that takes place here. Using a balanced approach, UC prepares students to be successful in any career they choose by providing stellar theoretical training in the classroom and extensive practical training through hands-on degree components, forums, and conferences. In addition to our high quality curriculum and practicum endeavors, UC also offers some of the nation’s most prestigious student organizations that engage students in a variety of extra-curricular activities including leadership training, event management, debate, public speaking, horticulture, travel, reading and sports. In doing this, UC ensures that students make the connection between the world of theories and the world of realities. Another key component in achieving this goal is through increasing global connectivity; UC achieves this through facilitating student, faculty and staff exchanges with partner universities across the globe.

To prepare students for international exchanges, ASEAN integration and overall job preparedness, UC uses the medium of English for instruction in all programs of the International Track. It is UC’s belief that fluency in English and the ability to conduct academic research and assignments in English is a crucial aspect of achieving the goals of ASEAN integration. English is the official language of the association, and thus a necessary skill for all aspiring leaders in business, commerce and governance. In an effort to provide quality education to more Cambodians, UC launched the Khmer Track, which offers the same quality programs and instruction though the official language of Cambodia, Khmer. In the spirit of ASEAN integration, UC is also the only Cambodian university to house its very own ASEAN Study Center, which is dedicated to conducting research on ASEAN and producing high quality publications for the betterment of ASEAN and engaging Cambodian students in the integration process.

In addition to conducting ASEAN-based policy and issue research, UC has set up numerous departments, initiatives and councils to facilitate and publish high quality professional, academic and student research. The Council for Research and Creativity oversees the University’s research agenda and works closely with the Institute for Research and Advanced Studies, the School of Graduate Studies, and the Vice President for Research, Development and Policies to conduct various forms of important research on issues vital to the future development of Cambodia and the region through two important publications, the Cambodian Journal of International Studies and the Monograph Series. In addition, CRC works closely with all schools and colleges at UC to encourage students to create and publish their academic research in one of our two student-centered research publications, The UC Occasional Paper Series and the UC Working Paper Series. 

In an effort to provide education and training in areas vital to the development and success of the nation, UC has launched flagship schools including the nation’s first public policy and government school, the Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations (TSS). TSS was developed to teach critical skills required to meet the challenges of a globalized, highly technical world that is rapidly developing. The College of Media and Communications is committed to filling a vital role in preparing tomorrow’s media and communications professionals for the challenges of the rapidly changing media industry including the importance of maintaining an open society. It is imperative we train our students to always be ethical, responsible, and professional, especially with respect to the media. The Tony Fernandes School of Business (formerly the College of Management) has been educating successful professionals in various aspects of business and finance for the past ten years, and it shows; The Tony Fernandes School of Business (TFSB) ranks #1 in Cambodia among all business schools in the nation according to Eduniversal in 2016. TFSB is proud to have alumni living across the globe working in highly coveted positions in the business and finance sector, as business owners across Cambodia, and as aspiring scholars furthering their education at home and abroad.

UC is proud of all its alumni, who have been achieving success and accomplishments since UC’s first graduation ceremony in 2006. Alumni from the University of Cambodia include ambassadors, high-ranking government officials, rectors and principles of Cambodian universities and schools, business owners, and executives. UC has also awarded 62 Honorary Doctorate degrees as of January 2021, and will continue to issue the prestigious award to deserving individuals who show their commitment to the development of ASEAN, Cambodia and the University.

In addition to our robust network of students, staff, faculty, alumni and honorary doctorate recipients, UC has developed numerous mutually beneficial relationships with foreign and local institutions, governments, businesses and individuals who have helped to develop UC into to the world-class university it is today. UC is grateful to all previous and current donors and supporters and welcomes all new donors, sponsors, supporters and partners to play a role in the future development of the University.

Despite all our progress and achievements, UC remains and will remain a work in progress, as constant growth and development is a vital part of the University’s mission. UC has completed the construction of its main building, and will continue to open and dedicate more floors and halls in an effort to effectively utilize the state of the art 11-story building. We plan to add additional buildings on our Phnom Penh campus for libraries, a science building and laboratory, student dormitories, and residence hall for staff and faculty members. UC is also tirelessly working to bring our quality education to the countryside by setting up satellite campuses throughout the provinces of Cambodia.

Last but not least, I am please to announce that UC is ranked #50 in the world for universities on Facebook according to 4icu as of November 2021, and I encourage you to connect with UC on our various social media platforms and learn more about our programs, facilities and activities on our website and Wikipedia page. Also, we welcome you to discover more about The University of Cambodia by contacting our admissions or administrative team to set up a tour of UC, or to find out more about becoming a part of the UC family as a student, faculty or staff member - we can’t wait to meet you!