Application Procedures

Application Procedures 
Applications can include more than one individual, with the money distributed amongst themselves according to mutual agreement.
Guidelines for preparing a proposal can be found in the Annex A.
-        Note that graduate students who are in the process of doing work for a thesis or dissertation cannot submit a proposal related to this.
Criteria for evaluating each proposal include:[1]
-        its relevance to Cambodia’s future development, including in relation to ASEAN and the world at large;
-        its producing novel data and insights;
-        its feasibility within a one year time-line; and
-        the suitability of the applicant(s) based on an interview where appropriate.
-        Annex B gives a checklist which may help in preparing a proposal (and thereafter implementing it).
The deadline for submitting a proposal is 31st December.
-        Evaluations will be based on a majority decision by The University of Cambodia’s Research Committee.
Those successful applicants will have to sign a contract which includes their agreeing to the need to:
-        comply with the general guidelines in The University of Cambodia’s Policy on a Research Code of Honour;[2]
-        submit regular progress reports, for evaluation and guidance by the Research Committee where necessary; and
-        submit a mutually acceptable formal write-up within the one-year deadline.
Based on their meeting the terms of the contract, awardees will receive portions of their grant at pre-agreed intervals.
Please submit proposals to
[1] See Policy on Research I: General Issues.
[2] A summary of material covered in more detail in the Policy on Research II: Ethical Issues,