UC Graduate Studies Catalog 2019-2023





4/xi/19: Sections VIII.6 and IX.3.ii have been updated to clarify that MoEYS regulations require that a student writing their Masterís Research Paper, thesis or dissertation must register and pay the requisite fees for each and every term (including any term IIIs) between completing their coursework and submitting the finalproduct. This is to indicate their continuing commitment to completing their degree: whilst they can take a Leave of Absence (Section VII.3), this is not recommended, since it is difficult to get back into working on the research and/or its writing up.

22/xii/19: It is clarified that letter-grades and thus the overall GPA only applies to classes taken by graduate students.

-        Thus studentsí performance in the Comprehensive Exam and/or meeting other research-based requirements is recorded as Pass/Fail in their transcripts.

-        Similarly, the Intermediate Comprehensive Exam and subsequent research-based components of Doctoral programmes are recorded as Pass/Fail in studentsí transcripts.

22/xii/19: The course codes for the dissertation in the various doctoral programmes in the School for Government and International Relations have been amended to bring them in conformity with those for other doctoral degrees

22/xii/20: The situation regarding the calculation of a Masterís studentís GPA when a course is repeated has been corrected.