CHEA BoD Meeting

By: Dr. Y Ratana

On 13 May 2015 at 3:00pm, Dr. Y Ratana, representative of the University of Cambodia joined the Board of Directors of CHEA led by Dr. Heng Vanda, President of the BoD - CHEA, and Mr. Ly Chheng, Director of the CHEA Executive Committee, as they met H.E. Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, at the CHEA Head Office in the Hun Sen Library located in Baktouk High School. On 19 May, Dr. Heng Vanda then presented the results of CHEA’s meeting with the Minster to the rest of the BoD. Afterwards, Dr. Ek Monsen and Dr. Y Ratana explained further details about the content of meeting with the Minister.

The meeting spent time to discuss the final letter that will be signed by Dr. Heng Vanda and will be sent to the Minister and all CHEA BoD members for reference. A brief review of the letter’s contents is below:
- Remind the Minister of the outcomes of the meeting on 13 May 2015.
- Propose that the Minister consider means for evaluating by clearly having the following:
o Clear components of evaluators
o Clear policies, guidelines, and procedures
o Clear objectives
o Shall not rank
o Shall not admire or praise any HEI to the public
o Outcomes of evaluations shall be not be disclosed or announced publicly
o Shall not admire or discredit any programs/majors/fields of study
o CHEA welcome any HEIs that are ready form MOEYS to do evaluation.

Additionally, Mr. It Seng from CMU raised the establishment of CHEA Football Leagues. About the expenses he said that 1. HEI can spend about 50$ per one game or one play; 2. Uniforms can either be provided by CHEA, HEI can provide them, or we can get support from any company; and 3. Championship award, he said we could raise money from our members.
Finally the meeting discussed a MoU between HEIs within CHEA.

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