What are your daily study habits?
“Normally I pay attention on listening in class. Back at home - especially before dinner, I review something I have learned; just briefly, not very detailed. I try to review before going back to class also. Normally
I will spend maybe one or two extra hours outside of class. I do also like to study extra, interesting things by searching the internet in my free time.”

Do you do anything different when studying for a quiz or exam?
“For the quiz or mid-term I always spend some extra time to review my notes, and to listen to the lectures. Again, since I have already paid very good attention in class, I just need to review and learn a little more.
With this way, I think it is really not very difficult. I also study with my friends a lot before the exam to share ideas and ask questions.”

Do you study at another university or have a job or internship?
“I study two universities. Of course it is very hard to separate all the different lessons. But like I mentioned before, the most important thing is to pay very good attention in the class, by doing that I can learn maybe 50-60% of the class.”

How do you manage your time and schedule?
“Actually, I use my phone because it’s good technology and it’s very easy to just list down all the things I need to do. I am not very good at separating my different majors but since they are similar, I can just learn them all together. For example, I can study 10 subjects at the same time, but I am not always interested in all of those subjects, so I will pay more attention on the classes I am interested in. I review all my cours

Being a student can be a very stressful and busy time, how do you manage your health?
“Oh, talking about stress... you know, sometimes it is very difficult to deal with stress. For example at UC I have mid-terms, but at RULE I have to prepare for a presentation. And when you put these together, it can be very difficult. But to deal with stress, I have a great friend and she always calls me out in order to walk around Riverside. When I feel a little sweaty, and I get to chat with my friend, I feel very good.”

What are your future plans?
“I want to get a job in the private or public sector. After two years of working experience, I will continue to my Master’s degree. I’d like to find a scholarship to study abroad for this.”

What advice can you give to other students who are hoping to be more successful next term?
“The first should be, do not ignore your own questions. I think that some students, when they have questions they dare not ask teacher. They don’t even care to find the answer, so I think it is a very big problem. The second one should be, be open. Yes, when you are open and present it means that you are able to accept ideas from other people. Another one, do not pressure yourself . Most students, when the exam is coming, feel very stressed because of the exam. When you feel stressed, go out - don’t review lesson because you will not remember anything. Wait until you are relaxed and then come back to it so you can work more effectively. The last one should be, you are not only working hard, but working smart as well.”


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