March 07, 2013 Entrance Exam for All New Bachelor’s Students


for All New Bachelor’s Students:

Entrance Exam: March 07, 2013


The Academic Foundation Department (AFD) would like to request all new Bachelor’s degree students who take entrance exam on March 07, 2013 to come to the Academic Foundation Department and fill out the Receipt for Entrance Exam and to ensure the student’s personal information correctly such as name, date of birth, etc.,


The DEADLINE for the completion and submission of the Receipt Form is March 06, 2013.


If you fail to do so, The Academic Foundation Department cannot guarantee that the necessary information which should be submitted to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will be accurate and thus you will not be allowed to take the entrance exam.


Note: Bachelor students need to enclose two recent photographs (4x6).



Y Ratana

Dean, Undergraduate Studies Division

Director, Academic Foundation Department


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