AFD Orientation Session for the New Students

By Mr. Keo Chhorthong, Director of AFD and Mr. Ty Phearom, Deputy Director of AFD

On Friday, March 18th, 2016, the Academic Foundation Department hosted an orientation session for newly enrolled students for promotion 14, term 2, academic year 2015-2016, at The University of Cam-bodia Conference Center. This orientation is conduct-ed two times per year for all new students.

Participating in the event was Dr. Y Ratana, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mr. Keo Chhor-thong, Director of AFD, Mr. TY Phearom, Deputy Director of AFD, other esteemed UC colleagues, and new and returning students.

The goals and objectives for this orientation are:

  • To provide necessary information related to the Academic Foundation Program such as compulsory and oriented subjects, grading policies and procedures, entrance exams, and requirements for completion of the foundation year program.
  • To provide some guidance for academic life at UC such as university regulations, the student code of conduct, and UC’s absence policy.
  • To educate students on the details the credit system, and its implementation at The University of Cambodia.
  • And to provide other relevant information that is helpful for students to know as they enter their first year of university.
  • The orientation started at 8:30am and ended at

11am. All the students were very keen to get informed, and paid close attention to the speech by Dr. Y Ratana and the presentation of Mr. Keo Chhorthong.

To start, Dr. Y Ratana warmly welcomed all the newly registered students, and gave an inspiring speech to encourage them to prepare themselves for their new academic life at UC. He also explained the importance of the foundation year, and why the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport requires par-titivation. Along with this, he highlighted some real aspects of history to give the students comparative insight into the privilege of education, and to warn them not to take their time at university for granted. He encouraged them to try and make better use of their opportunity-rich lives, and to build their capacity and understanding throughout their time at UC.

After that, Mr. Keo Chhorthong, Director of AFD, gave a presentation in which he comprehensively explained all key points related to the foundation year program and administrative tasks of AFD. He also encouraged the students to pay close attention to their studies in foundation year, so that they are able to successfully sustain their university life. Additionally, he asked them all to kindly work cooperatively with AFD and the University at large.

The orientation session ended with fruitful results. The participating students were delighted with the foundation year program, and are now ready to step into their new academic lives at UC.



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