Activating Interest for Research Grant Proposal Writing

By: Mr. Min Seiha
Mr. Min Seiha, Associate Dean for the College of Social Sciences and Mr. Ban Bunheng, Deputy Director of the ASEAN Study Center, attended a workshop on, “Activating Interest for Grant Research Proposal Writing,” held at Diamond Hotel in Kampot province from 29 May to 01 June 2015. The objectives of the workshop focused mainly on development capacity and activating interest in research grant writing for all of HEIs in Cambodia. Additionally, the meeting was used for the dissemination of the SEA-EU-NET Pilot Joint Call for Mobility, and as a case study for practicing actual proposal writing.
During the workshop, speakers from various higher education institutions were invited to do presentations, sharing their experience of writing grant research proposals to donors and international institutions. These included the methods, techniques, strengths and weaknesses, and lessons learned from successful and failed grant proposals. The SEA-EU-NET Pilot Joint Call for Mobility was also introduced as a sample of a grant research program from which the techniques to apply was studied.
To broaden further practical knowledge, the workshop offered an opportunity of simulation to all participants to practice in group works. Four main groups were assigned to study and propose grant research proposals in four main areas including health, environment, food, and education. With his proposed idea on skill gap as a sensitive topic, Mr. Min Seiha was selected by the members to lead a group discussion and to do a presentation to the workshop on a proposal with the title, “TVET Curriculum Development in Cambodia: Stakeholder Engagement.”


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