Book Donations to the ASEAN Study Center

By: Mr. Ban Bunheng

The ASEAN Study Center (ASC) would like to extend a special thank you to Ms. Myca Magnolia M. Fischer for donating books related to the Philippines to the new ASEAN Study Center Library. These books will help build the resource capacity of the ASC at UC.

The donated books related to the Philippines’ domestic and international affairs will make a lasting impact on the UC community. It makes a huge difference to have these books at our center in order for students to learn from the many admirable Filipino leaders that have helped transform our dynamic ASEAN Community.

As we count down to the ASEAN Economic Community, the ASEAN Study Center (ASC) will do all we can to help raise awareness and understanding of our diverse community. We have several exciting programs in the works for 2015 including publications, round-table discussions, a lecture series, and workshops aimed at helping bind our diverse ASEAN community together. We are very grateful to have the cooperation and support of the Embassy of the Philippines to help make our programs successful.

If individuals or institutions would like to donate resources to help build ASC’s capacity to promote ASEAN awareness, please take a few minutes to come visit our center. Mr. Ban Bunheng, our deputy director, is always available to set up a visit for you, or to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to call him at 012-795-558, or email him at