Bringing Theory to Life Mkt405 Advertising and Promotions

By: Ms. Dathalineth Mam

It has been almost 4 years since I started working as a lecturer at the University of Cambodia under the College of Management. I am so happy to see students to not only finish the course or graduate with their degree, but also to see that they can make their dream a reality in the future. Being a teacher, there is nothing better to motivate me than seeing students happy to learn, to explore new ideas, to show their enthusiasm, to express their creative ideas, and of course to have fun at the same time.

Therefore, this term, with my MKT405: Advertising and Promotion class, students have not only had a chance to learn the theory from the text book, but they have also had a chance to put the theories into practice. Students were assigned to do a presentation project about promoting local and imported products to penetrate to the Cambodian Market by working as a team and choosing a product that they like as a topic for the project. The purpose of this project is to give students a chance to learn and to gain experiences by using their creative ideas on how to influence the customers’ mind and build the brand image.

“It’s More than a Presentation, It’s a Trade Show, as a student, you will regret if you have not experienced a trade show in a course of Advertising and Promotion,” said Sopherk Puth who is one of the MKT405 students in the evening session. “Also,” said the student of the Krama Group Project, “It’s very important to all of us to do this pilot project study. It makes us become more competitive and creative.” During the presentation day as well, it was our honor to have Ms. Gina V. Lopez, our Associate Dean of the College of Management, to participate and observe which made this event much more special and interesting.

Last but not least, I am proud to say that I am happy to be a member of the University of Cambodia family because this is a place where I can contribute and share my knowledge and experiences to Cambodian students, and also have a chance to participate in developing the educational system in the country and society as a whole.

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