CES Student Seminar

CES Student Seminar
on “An Exchange for Effective English Study”

By Pay How

The Center for English Studies (CES) organized a student seminar on “An Exchange for Effective English Study,” held at the University of Cambodia. The seminar provided the opportunities for 140 student participants to interact and learn practical methods to learn various language skills from12 CES Student Alums and instructors including Chheng Sovannka, Bou Boeun, Dim Phirun, Roeurn Punnreay, Ven Moniroth, Vong Keovichet, Mao Chanraksmey, Keo Rottanakvisal, Soun Khanra, Sam Satyarith, Khin Sreyneath, Noun Somonika, Heng Savadey, Sok Sreymom, Kong Lina, and Kem Chantha.

The inspiring seminar provided much-needed learning tips to current students so they can be better at listening, speaking, reading, and writing English. Those tips included:

  1. Predicting what the topic is going to be about
  2. Listening for the main idea and not trying to understand everything
  3. Keep writing short and simple
  4. Control your shyness and fear during public speaking
  5. Set a goal for what you are going to do, practice it again and again, and never give up

The seminar sought to improve students’ good and bad learning habits. Other helpful tips and advice given by alums and instructors included:

  1. Good presentation requires rehearsal, a good knowledge of the topic, good preparation and good health
  2. Avoid reading forwards and backwards, students have to summarize or write notes on the margin of the paper about what they have read, using their own words
  3. Enjoy reading materials of your preference for pleasure

Director Pay How concluded that learners who have purpose and commitment will become active, confident, and successful in what they strive for. Furthermore, learners should identify and know their strengths and weaknesses, and select learning techniques which best fit their of learning styles. He also mentioned that knowing English is a passport to information and communication. Learning English does not end at CES, learning is lifelong.

CES seminar where students help students succeed