FTMS Top Job Competition 2013

FTMS Top Job Competition 2013

By Gina Lopez

On 7 November 2013, Ms. Gina Lopez (Associate Dean of the College of Management) joined university students and young professionals in launching the “FTMS Top Job Competition 2013” held at UC Conference Center. The competition aimed at recruiting the best and brightest university students into the private working sector. FTMS Top Job Competition 2013 was open to all university students in Cambodia majoring in Finance, Accounting, Auditing, and/or Business. Competing students will be evaluated base on their submitted curriculum vitae (CV)/resume and formal interviews. The event is being held from 22 September through 15 December.

The launching event was organized by FTMS Global Academy (Cambodia) in collaboration with the University of Cambodia. Its long term aim is to recruit the best university talents for employers by utilizing high profi le events involving all universities in Phnom Penh. Its intermediate goals aimed to provide soft skills for students in understanding and experiencing the job application process, exposure to employers’ expectations, and to aid students in planning their career path.

The Top Job Competition 2013 launching was facilitated by Mr. Long Borint (Business Development Manager of FTMS Cambodia). It included sessions focusing on:

  • FTMS Top Job Competition History and the Process, Terms and Conditions and Video Presentation of FTMS Top Job Competition 2013
  • Foundation In Accountancy (FIA) and ACCA Overview for Employers
  • Job Offer for FTMS TJC 2013 and Career Path in Cellcard
  • Successful preparations for Paper Applications in Job Application Process

Mr. Lao Sheanghai (Cellcard Head of Business HR) gave a presentation on “Career Path in Cellcard,” which captivated eager job seekers in a career opportunity with one of Cambodia’s largest communication companies. He touched on Cellcard’s career opportunities, management trainee program, and the benefits the company had to offer. He also highlighted the importance of how to apply for jobs and develop one’s own career path.

Equally captivating was a presentation by Mr. Ourng Borinn (a representative of Aplus Consulting) on “Successful Preparations for Paper Applications in Job Application Process” touching on how to create an attractive and winning application in order to find suitable jobs.

The launching event indeed succeeded in helping attract talented students, teaching students soft skills, sharing experiences in job search, and aiding students in their career path. Understanding what employers’ recruiting wants and needs of an ideal employee will help university graduates have a better understanding of what employers are looking for and help students market themselves for the work world. The university encourages all UC students interested in working for the private sector, including SBC Bank, Cellcard, and/or interested in a scholarship to study International Foundations in Accountancy to participate in the competition and adhere to the stages and dates provided.

• Submission period of applications – 22 September - 21 November 2013
• Stage 1 – short list announcement – 8 December 2013
• Stage 2 – group interviews – 14 December 2013
• Stage 3 – individual interviews – 15 December 2013

Reward prizes will be given in the following manner:

  • 1st place prizes will be awarded to the six top candidates. Winners will receive job offers from SBC Bank (3) and/or Ernst & Young (3)
  • 2nd place prizes will be awarded to six runner-up candidates, who will receive USD $800 scholarships to study FIA with FTMS
  • 3rd place prizes will be awarded to the six most impressive CVs. Candidates will receive USD $150 scholarships to study FIA with FTMS
  • Other prizes will include a scholarship in the amount of USD $3000, to study FIA with FTMS, to the university that has the highest number of students participating in the competition.

FTMS Global Academy (FTMS) was formed in Singapore in 1986, offering professional accountancy courses. Since then, the FTMS Global Group of  Companies has expanded to deliver training courses in 13 countries in Asia and Africa, and now offers professional training courses, academic courses in addition to its core activity of professional accountancy training. FTMS has gained a strong foothold in Asia and Africa in providing tuition for the ACCA and FIA. In Asia, ACCA UK has awarded Gold and Platinum recognitions to FTMS Global centres.

FTMS Global Cambodia recognizes the importance of workplace equality and non-discrimination practices. Throughout this competition, FTMS Global Cambodia observes these values and provides equal opportunity to all talented applicants. The company does not discriminate against candidates based on age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any classification. Recruitment and selection will be based on talent, ability, knowledge, skills, and other relevant factors.

FTMS selected universities in Cambodia to be their partners in disseminating the information and assist the government in providing the quality education especially in the accounting and finance sectors. The University of Cambodia is one of the co-organizers.