Gender Perspectives reducing violence against women in Cambodia

By: Mr. Ban Bunheng
On June 12th, 2015, Mr. Ban Bunheng, Deputy Director of UC’s ASEAN Study Center, attended the opening
program of the Youth Debate Forum on “Gender Perspective and the Participation of Young Men to Prevent
Violence Against Women”, held at TVK. The event was chaired by Her Excellency Ing Kantha Phavi,
Minister of Women’s Affairs, and His Excellency Hun Many, Member of the National Assembly of Cambodia.
The objectives of this program were to raise awareness to end violence, and to increase participation of
young men in the prevention of violence against women.
During the opening program, His Excellency Hun Many stressed that he and all young men in Cambodia
must participate to prevent violence against women because men commit the most violence. So, we should
not use violence in the family or in society to resolve problems, and we should use cultural dialogue to deal
with the issue instead.
Moreover, Her Excellency Ing Kantha Phavi mentioned that based on research at least 25% of women have
reported violent actions taken against them by men (these women ranged in age from 5-49 years old). This
is a huge member for Cambodia, and the reality is likely higher, as it is known that many women will not
admit violence in an effort to protect their husband or family unit. The Ministry and other relevant organizations
will continue to participate in the reduction of violence against women in Cambodian society by conducting
forums, conferences, workshops, lectures and other activities to raise awareness to prevent violence
against women.

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