HOCC Knowledge Sharing & Charity Event

On 8 March 2016, Help Our Community Club (HOCC) conducted an event entitled, “Knowl-edge Sharing and Charity at Green Umbrella (GU)” in Takeo province. 53 participants joined the event, which took place on International Women’s Day. The objectives of the event were:

  • To provide study materials to children studying at GU.
  • To share knowledge with local youth
  • who are concerned about higher education.
  • To train GU staff in the areas of accounting and administration.

The participants were divided into three groups, which conducted various games on the following topics:

  • Keeping the environment clean, by cleaning the surrounding areas.
  • Education on staying healthy.
  • Preparation of the library.

After the activities successfully finished, HOCC donated some study materials to each student at GU. Even though the study materials donated were not enough to support the students for the entire academic year, HOCC strongly believes the small donation could inspire the children to keep studying and pursuing a better tomorrow.

About 20 students joined the knowledge sharing program (18 students from grade 12 and 2 students from grade 11 - among them, 5 students from developed countries). The purpose of this program was to teach all students how to change their attitude towards life, to inspire them to be good learners, and to provide them a space to express concerns about their studies. The overall purpose of this activity is to motivate students to pursue their higher education. Based on the suggestion from GU’s director, HOCC invited trainers to train GU administration and ac-counting staff. This activity went smoothly and the training was considered fruitful.

To sum up, this event achieved about 90% of the planned achievements, which is considered a big success. All students felt encouraged and joyful during the event. They gained hope, in addition to some knowledge from our participants. And finally, it is clear that the youth are active in thinking and planning for their future studies based on the amount of thoughtful questions asked regarding university applications, planning, academics, and life.

By: Ms. Khorn Dalin, UC Alumni and HOCC Chairwoman




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