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In the Community

Stop Drinking and Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

By Meun Pros

Mr. Meun Pros (College Assistant) attended a training course called “Advocacy on Drinking and Driving.” The two day training course, jointly organized by the Advocacy and Policy Institute and the Coalition for Road Safety (CRY) aimed to trained participants to become advocates for road safety policy, especially to advocate against drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to WHO’s Global Status Report on Road Safety (2009) and second Road Safety Status Report in 2013, Cambodian roads are among the least safe roads to drive on, due to many reasons: for example poor driver training, lack of understanding of road and vehicle safety, poor legislation and enforcement of road policy, alcohol-related drinking and driving, etc. It was pointed out that most accidents were alcohol related. People driving under the influence
of alcohol made Cambodian roads unsafe. Coupled with poor legislation and inadequate law enforcement, Cambodian roads are outright dangers to drive on.

Even more, the 2013 Road Safety report showed little improvement over the last four years, to incorporate new road safety legislation into law and reinforcement of road safety policy. Plus there are few effective programs to deteralcohol-related substance  abuse and drinking and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Various participants from civil society organizations, educational institutions, private companies, the Redcross of Cambodia, radio FM 102, and advocacy agency members convened to change all that. The training provided participants the opportunity to learn how to become vocal advocates seeking legal methods to make Cambodian roads safe for everyone.

The main message of the training was to stop people from:

“drinking and driving under the influence of
alcohol. Driving under the infl uence of
alcohol is dangerous and deadly.”

There needs to be tougher road safety legislation and enforcement of road safety policy in order to help reduce traffic accident and make Cambodian road safer for all of everyone.