Measures To Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Five students from the University of Cambodia including Ms. Lorn Thary, Ms. Eang Hangchannimol, Mr. Bun Penghuy, Mr. Leng Hywfi , Ms. Saya Linda participated in a “Recommendation Forum on Measures to Reduce Alcohol Consumption” organized by PDP Center at the Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center, on October 14, 2013. The main objectives of the forum were to learn about the negative effects of alcohol on health and as a source of traffic accidents, and to find suitable measures to reduce alcohol consumption and traffic accidents.

The forum was divided into two sessions. The first session was a presentation on the effects of alcohol consumption, the consumption of alcohol at the present time, and how to reduce it. The second session provided the opportunity for participants from various stakeholder organizations, including NGO representatives, Ministry of Health, and student associations to raise their concerns at the government level, so that Cambodia can move toward reducing the alcoholic consumption and traffic accidents.

After the brainstorm session, a representative from the NGOs collected participants’ suggestions and read the collection of ideas out. The group suggested the following recommendations to be the most effective measures to reduce alcohol consumption, alcohol related accidents.

1. Reducing the number of alcohol commercials on TV
2. Increasing tax on alcohol products
3. Specific city of alcohol selling shops – only registered and licensed liquor stores are able to sell alcohol products

The NGO representative promised that the gathered information and concerns relating to alcohol consumption and traffic accidents and ways to reduce it, will be raised at the government level, so that we can work towards reducing alcohol related accidents.

We learnt a lot about the bad impacts of alcohol consumption on health and as the main source of traffic accident in Cambodia. Moreover, some possible measures to reduce alcohol consumption were raised and were expected to be brought into the panel discussion between NGOs and the government. We certainly hope that the government would consider our concerns and use our suggestions to develop policy that makes our road safe.