Mock-ASEAN Plus Three Summit

On Saturday, December 19th, 2015, the University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) hosted the Mock-ASEAN Plus Three Summit at the University of Cambodia, which was led by Mr. Yort Tinghuy, UCSS Project Holder, and Miss Thoung Sovanrin, UCSS Co-project Holder, together with the help of UCSS members and UC student, staff and faculty participants. The mock summit was under the topic, “The Challenges and Opportunities of Youth in ASEAN Plus Three.” Many members of the UC community were present during the event including Mr. Chheang Sangvath, Dean for Undergraduate Studies Division and Director of IQA, Mr. Min Seiha, Associate Dean for the College of Social Sciences, faculty members, students’ parents, news crew members from SEATV, and students of the University of Cambodia.

The main objectives of this event were to promote the prosperity of The University of Cambodia, to strengthen the capacity of UC students by providing them this opportunity to enhance their knowledge about ASEAN Youth in ASEAN Plus Three; and also to gain significant experience with ASEAN protocol, diplo-matic meetings, and many other related- activities, to prepare UC students with a deeper knowledge and un-derstanding about ASEAN and each member nation, to promote independent research and preparation, and to provide UC students with a chance to interact with Liaison Officers (L.O.) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Mock-ASEAN Plus Three Summit was a UCSS 9th Mandate project funded by the University of Cambodia. Before the event the hospitality team, ceremony team, press team, and delegate team were trained extensively. During the event, there were six main sessions. First, delegates were greeted at the entrance by the Chairman (Cambodia). Second, the celebration of the opening ceremony for the mock-summit took place, which included a photo session. Third, the plenary session under the topic,

“The Challenges and Opportunities of Youth in ASEAN Plus Three,” was held. After the conclusion of the plenary session, there was a luncheon for the heads of all the national delegations. After the luncheon, the sign-ing ceremony began. Delegates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from all the ASEAN Plus Three countries joined together to sign a declaration of the summit’s conclusions. Finally, there was a press conference, which provided the press team the opportunity to ask questions of all the head delegates.

Last but not least, the UCSS project holder, Mr. Yort Tinghuy, delivered his closing remarks and a sum-mary of the day’s proceedings. Mr. Min Seiha, UC Project Advisor, delivered remarks about the importance of the day’s event.

It was such a meaningful, valuable and memorable event. 200 participants joined the event to gain knowledge about ASEAN protocol, diplomatic meetings, and many other related activities. The event was concluded with a group photo session.

The ASEAN Study Center (ASC) would like to announce a book drive to create UC’s very own - ASEAN Library. Donated books related to ASEAN Nations’ domestic and international affairs will make a last-
ing impact on the UC community. It makes a huge difference to have such books at our center in order for students to learn from the many admirable ASEAN leaders that have helped transform our dynamic ASEAN Community. As we count down to the ASEAN Economic Community, the ASEAN Study Center (ASC) will do all we can to help raise awareness and understanding of our diverse community.

If individuals or institutions would like to donate resources to help build ASC’s capacity to promote ASEAN awareness, please take a few minutes to come visit our center. Mr. Ban Bunheng, our deputy director, is always available to set up a visit for you, or to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to call him at 012-795-558, or email him at