Ms. Phlot Mlaichan
International Relations Term 10
GPA: 4.0

What are your daily study habits?

“After I wake up at about 6am, I read and prepare for my morning classes at UC. Then after lunch I always try to spend some short time to relax, maybe 15 minutes to sleep or listen to music or something. After I relax, I prepare for my lessons in the afternoon. In the evening, I need to divide my time between the two universities. I will spend about 1 hour for each university. I also have to prioritize my classes where the assignment is due soon or an exam or quiz is coming up. I also like to listen to radio shows or read articles related to some-thing that is interesting to me, this helps me with my English abilities and also I can learn things that are different from my studies.”

Do you do anything different when studying for a quiz or exam? “It is a little different; mainly I just study for longer. I take really good notes from class and reading assignments, so when the time comes for exams I can just review my notes and discuss with my classmates or something to get some fresh ideas.”

Do you study at another university or have a job or internship? “Yes, I also study English Literature/Education at the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) at RUPP.”

How do you manage your time and schedule?
“I have a calendar that I use to keep track of all my assignments, exams and quizzes. I also use my phone to make lists and prioritize the work. Also, the most important thing is for me to do things right away. Like for the homework, I should do it right after class, so it is finished and I can move on to the next assignment.”

Being a student can be a very stressful and busy time, how do you manage your health?
“For my health, I can never forget it, even the food and exercise, it is very important. It doesn’t mean that I am always healthy, but I do try. For example, sometimes I skip lunch because I am so busy, but then I am very tired and cannot focus in my afternoon classes. Even last term, I did not do so well with my grades and I think it is partially because I did not take care of my health all the way. These days, I do not think about my studies only, I try to take time to relax and enjoy. Also, I never skip any meals. I always eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also try to stay very positive and always tell myself that I can do it and improve so long as I try my hardest. I also try to set goals for myself, I write them on my wall and when I see it there every day it pushes me to try my best even when I am tired.”

What are your future plans?
“I would like to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for sure.”

What advice can you give to other students who are hoping to be more successful next term?
“I think most students know what outstanding students do. They know that reading is good, and doing the assignments on time is good. But the question is whether or not they actually do those things. My advice for them is to first build motivation and set goals for themselves. So even if they are tired or exhausted, they will want to push through it to reach their goal. Second is about thinking, as I mentioned earlier. When they are positive about what they are doing, I think they will achieve it easier. Third, be close with your teachers and fellow students. Lecturers here are very helpful, if we are close with them we can go and talk to them about assignments or other things as well and they are happy to help us and talk with us. Fourth, observe all things. Education is not limited to school or university, but we can learn from all things in the real world. They should open their minds and try to consider everything around them.”