T H A K R A L Relentless Support Procures Medical Books to Broaden Student Medical Understanding

Relentless Support Procures Medical Books to Broaden
Student Medical Understanding

On Saturday morning 14th September 2013, the University of Cambodia (UC) received a shipment of books donated from Dr. Rikhi Thakral (Executive Director of Thakral Group of Companies, the Singapore Holding Group) on behalf of Dr. William Clyde Lane. Ms.Sonia Poddar (Senior Manager) represented the Thakral group of Companies in handing over the 147 medical books to H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, in efforts to expand the UC Toshu Fukami library depository.

“These medical books will serve to broaden student knowledge and understanding of the medical field and provide much need medical resources for students and medical practitioners who are currently doing medical research and are interested in medicine,” said Dr. Kao.

Dr. William Clyde Lane, (pictured left) personal friend of Dr. Thakral, donated personal medical books in an effort to open young minds into the medical field. It is hoped that these books will help inspire young inquisitive minds to become future nurses, doctors, and medical practitioners in order to help improve the health of everyday citizens.

Dr. Rikhi Thakral has relentlessly supported the University of Cambodia throughout the years and in various ways such as providing student scholarships, financial resources to develop programs, book donations, etc.

C a l l f o r B o o k D o n a t i o n s

in learning. Reading helps develop a creative mind, imagination, and new ideas. Throughout history, ideas have changed the destiny of nations. The reality is that not all people have access to books in their homes, especially in their schools to develop creative thinking. The University of Cambodia’s Toshu Fukami Library is open to the entire community and has one of the most extensive collections of books, periodicals and reference materials to help foster learning. Nevertheless, the library is limited in resources. It still has a long way to evolve in order to match the resources, standards, and wealth of knowledge available at other institutional libraries around the world. As a member of the WTO and ASEAN, Cambodia grapples with modernity and struggles to catch up with the rest of the world due to a lack of resources, especially books. Building the capacity of libraries and centers for learning is crucial for developing the entire society. As the UC’s Toshu Fukami Library strives to be a center of learning and knowledge and largest depository of books, periodicals, and reference materials in Cambodia, we call upon donors, like you, to help make this vision a reality.