Thankful Day By: Ms. Mang Laiheng

On Sunday, 30 August 2015, the University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) celebrated Thankful Day at the University of Cambodia. The event was led by Miss. Mang Laiheng, together with the help of UCSS members, and UC student volunteers. The celebration was under the title, “KOLBUT AND KATAKVETITATHOR”. Many members of UC’s management team attended the event including: Mr. Chheang Sangvath, Dean for Undergraduate Studies Division, Mr. Pay Chheng How, Associate Dean for the College of Art Humanities and Languages, Mr. Min Seiha, Associate Dean for the College of Social Sciences, Mr. Loch Vantha, Director for the Office of Student Academic Affairs, Mr. Mut Samoeun, Director for the Office of Admission, Registration and Information, and Mr. Khorn Sokheng, Assistant Dean for the College of Law. Also in attendance were faculty members, parents, representatives, and students.

The main objectives of this ceremony were to promote cultural spirit in the minds of students, to pay their respects to faculty members and parents, to create a love for Khmer culture and tradition, to promote UC’s involvement with the community after a rigorous academic session, and to provide fun and educational activities to celebrate Thankful Day.

Thankful Day is one of the many projects being conducted by the UCSS 9th Mandate, and is funded by the University of Cambodia. The celebration began with classical activities such as song and a message about culture code, and the value of parents. During the event, monks presented about the beliefs and cultural norms of Buddhist people. There was then a long chant by the monks. Afterwards, the monks preached about the importance of having gratitude towards parents and teachers, the speech was very educational for the participants. Additionally, there were some student performances with regards to the respect of parents and lecturers from childhood throughout one’s whole life. Next, student representatives recited a poem about parents and teachers. Furthermore, there were three performances of modern songs about gratitude as well, which were performed by University of Cambodia students. After, the event continued by showing video clips about student’s feelings towards their parents. Student representatives gave a blessing to the parents and teachers present. Moreover, faculty members and parents provided a blessing to all the students to wish them success and happiness in both learning and life.

Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Pay Chheng How gave a speech about the importance of the event, and shared his perspective on the culture code of valuing parents and lecturers. It was such a meaningful, valu-able and memorable event as there were 130 participants in attendance at the event.