The 1st Student Development Center Public Speaking Graduation Ceremony

The Student Development Center celebrated the first graduating class of the Public Speaking program on November 30th, 2015 in the UC conference room. After the National Anthem, Dr. Emery, Dean of the Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations (TSS), Dr. Minehan, Associate Dean of the Gradu-ate Program, Professor Din Merican, Associate Dean of TSS, and Mr. Brendens Lek, Director of the Student Development Center, all gave motivational opening remarks. Professor Din Merican handed out the Public Speaking Certificates then he gave the honor to Dr. Emery to hand out the remaining certificates. The Pub-lic Speaking students who graduated are as follows: Chea Kannika, Chean Brasit, Chhou Vansonita, Chim Sreymach, Heng Lyhov, Hoeun Seanghorn, Khan Linda, Khom Sokhear, Pin Sokheng, Poch Sreyrath, Ream Soveth, Sann Thida, Soa Kimchhun, Song, Sokcheng, Tann Darareaksmey, Than Khengvicerany, Try Rany, Youheng Sim, Houn Vireak and Mouey SreyLeak. There were cheers and applause coming from the 90 stu-dents participating in the ceremony. Chhean Brasit a formal Public Speaking graduate gave an inspirational speech on “Have you found your masterpiece?” The crowd cheered as he finished his speech. Finally, Khan Linda, who took the stage very confidently, gave the closing remarks. The graduation ceremony ended very well, and all the participants took pictures together, networked, and enjoyed refreshments.