The Best Way to Achieve the Korean Dream

The Best Way to Achieve the Korean Dream

By Song Lin

International Relations students of the University of Cambodia Ms. Song Lin and Ms. Saya Linda attended a public lecture called “The Best Way to Achieve the Korean Dream.”

It was presented by Mr. Jong-kil (Founder and President of the Korea International Student Association) and aimed to inform international students on the life in Korea and to guide international students on how to apply to study in Korea.

In his presentation Mr. Jong-kil explained why Cambodian students should choose Korea as a place to study.

He stressed several points such as:

  • There are scholarships available to international students, provided or supported by the Korean Government
  • Academic lectures are conducted in English, which makes it easier for international students to pursue their academic endeavors in any field of study
  • Great opportunity to participate in international exchange, sharing one’s own culture and learning about the culture and traditions of Korea.
  • There is an ASEAN-Korea center which aims to bridge divides between ASEAN member states and Korea.