The Establishment of the Council for Research and Creativity (CRC) at The University of Cambodia

 Research and creativity are at the heart of university activities, helping to give this institution its credentials in terms of the advancement of knowledge, scientific innovation and artistic experimentation ».

Research is an essential part of the student lifecycle and is paramount to fulfilling the social mission of the University and the aspirations of our students. Therefore, on 16 December 2015, The University of Cam-bodia adopted both the Terms of Reference and the Rules of Procedure of the newly established Council for Research and Creativity (CRC).

The CRC is a coordinating body of stakeholders whose purpose is to encourage individuals and groups with a University connection to become actively involved in innovative and informative research, especially with regard to Cambodia’s continuing development as a nation and as a member of the regional and global community. The overall aim of the CRC is to contribute to knowledge and capacity building across all sectors, including scholarly inquiry into scientific, social, political, gender, technological, and industrial issues. The CRC, will build and undertake research that engages with the opportunities and potential of its stakeholders, influencing policy and practice throughout the region, and contributing to scholarship and practice nationally and internationally.

The Council will strive to promote an appreciation and understanding for research; build the capacity in research and analytical thinking in the UC community; support original and creative research activities; be-come a forum where UC intellectuals can network and exchange ideas with others; mentor students to under-take research; inspire faculty and staff to conduct research; and encourage a wide range of publications in all forms. The President appointed Mr. Travis Mitchell, former Deputy Director of IRAS, to be the new Director of the CRC.

By: Mr. Travis Mitchell