The University of Cambodia (UC) Research-Centred Institution

Before we talk about the University of Cambodia, we would like to share with you what we mean by the word “University”. It is a place, as conceived in the European Middle Ages, where students pursue bal-anced knowledge about everything. Since the expansion of (natural and technical) sciences starting in the 19th century, however, the role of furthering economic and societal development has become an additional, and increasingly important, function of the university in our time.
UC, therefore, acts as a center or education community for maintaining and securing crucial knowledge and life skills for present and future generations of Cambodians. It undertakes top-quality scientific, economic and socio-cultural research, thereby generating new knowledge and skills. It provides education and spreads knowledge to Cambodian society through its on-going leadership training of students and alumni, and by shar-ing research for business and government policy development. Though its activities, UC thus plays a crucial role in the socio-economic development of Cambodia.

Why is UC committed to the training and development of leaders? First, UC supports far-sighted hu-man resource development policies of the Royal Government. It is UC’s duty to prepare Cambodians to take up important positions in government and in the public sector so that the present high economic growth can be sustained.

There is another reason as well. UC believes that a strong economy grants Cambodia the freedom to operate and determine its own future and destiny. Looking at the history of successful nations of the past, we know that economic success has been linked to charismatic leaders, strong ideas, conquest of knowledge, and above all, they have been characterised by the strength of their economies. The long-term weakening of the economy of a nation has always spelt the ‘beginning-of-the-end’ of a successful culture, or a successful na-tion.

How can you benefit from studying at UC? As we mentioned earlier, UC is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and scholarship as a research-centered institution. The facilities, and our teaching and research staff are second to none. In addition, UC has established a network of partner institutions in ASEAN and around the world with whom it collaborates to enhance and advance its programs, research agenda, and teaching. The number of collaborations has been consistently increasing over time, and will continue to do so in the future. We seek students who have excellent grades to meet our competitive entrance requirements. As the saying goes, you reap what you sow; that means how much you get out of your educational experience at UC depends on how much effort and hard work you put into it.

We encourage faculty and students to be a part of our research community. UC promotes lifelong learning and research by guiding and supervising students’ research related work, such as writing scientific reflections on socio-cultural and economic development, the impacts of regionalism and globalization, course assignments, Bachelor’s paper, Master’s paper, Doctoral Dissertations, and other scientific articles. UC is on its way to become a leading research institution in Cambodia. UC has installed facilities and recruited very qualified persons to lead our cutting edge research publications. Additionally, UC has set up the Institute of Research and Advanced Study (IRAS), the Council for Research and Creativity, a Graduate School, and the Techo Sen School of Government and International Relations. Each of these play a vital role in providing post graduate programs, research, publications, seminars, conferences and leading think-tanks in Cambodia.

At UC, we think you enrich your educational experience by: a) studying hard and using the library; b) participating in extra-curricular activities like debating, volunteering in community work, Red Cross Youth and others; c) attending talks and lectures by prominent academics and leaders and d) playing sports.

Education at UC is not just attending lectures; it is more than that. It involves the development of your personality and character; it is about building networking and leadership skills; and it is about cultivating life-long friendships through sharing of knowledge and ideas.

We urge you to use your time at UC to enjoy the intellectual life of a student. This is the best time of your life. Be a proud member of UC community.