The University of Cambodia Student Senate Elections 10th Mandate

UC Bulletin V.25

On January 23rd, 2016, The University of Cambodia held an election to select new leadership for The University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) 10th mandate. The election was presided over by H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, Founder, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and President of The University of Cambodia.

H.E. Samraing Kamsan, Member of the UC Board of Trustees and UCSS Advisory Committee Chair-man, Dr. Y Ratana, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Ms. Por Malis, Vice President for Operations, and Dr. Michael Minehan, Dean for the Graduate Studies Division, were present at the election.

The objective of the election is to establish formal leadership for the student organization in order to support and endorse students’ activities and interests. In addition, the organization will cooperate with UC to advance the quality of students’ educational experience by relaying feedback from students and offering solutions related to study matters, organization, public relations, student welfare and other related projects. UCSS also allows students to gain valuable experience in planning and executing events, forums, and other activities at UC and in the community. The overall objective is to encourage and provide opportunities for students to learn and enhance their skills under the wisdom and leadership of the University President and Advisory Committee.

The election committee ensured that the election was run smoothly, freely, and fairly in compliance with our practical procedures, which are strictly enforced for all mandate elections. The students must vote-in five candidates for the permanent committee: one President, two Vice Presidents, one Treasurer, and one Secretary; and the rest of the potential candidates are appointed as Active Members of UCSS.

Before voting, all candidates are allowed to make a short campaign speech to all students regarding their manifesto. To guarantee equality, fairness, and secrecy the voting box was opened and presented to all to ensure that no votes were already inside. Each student is allotted one vote for each position and he/she must tick the ballot anonymously; otherwise, it would be considered as invalid. 47 candidates (19 female) applied to run for these five positions. 116 voters registered to participate in the election.

When the election process was completed, the ballots were collected and counted. Five candidates were elected (4 female) as follows:

  1. President: Mr. Hor Kimheng
  2. Vice President for Administrative Affairs: Ms. Chhorn Khemara
  3. Vice President for Technical Affairs: Ms. Tith Armethvichiyo
  4. Treasurer: Ms. Kong Kaknika
  5. Secretary: Ms. Mang Laiheng

Then, UCSS President for the 9th Mandate, Mr. Pol Sothea, summarized the achievements of the UCSS 9th mandate. In 2015, the mandate executed a total of six projects including Khmer New Year Cel-ebration, UC Soccer Project, UC Green World Project, Mock ASEAN-Plus Three Summit, Day of Gratitude, International New Year Event Celebration, and the UCSS 10th Mandate Election arrangements. Through the experience of working together, the team members built strong group solidarity. Working hard both physically and mentally, they had creative ideas, suggestions and concerns which were put into action.

However, they faced some obstacles including managing the busy schedules of each member which makes it difficult to arrange meetings, especially regarding to urgent matters. Even so, the team spirit never died, and the team continued to do its best to stand by our motto, “Serving Student Interests, University Inter-ests, and last but not least, Societal Interests”.

Next, the 10th UCSS Mandate President, Mr. Hor Kimheng, expressed his commitment to contribute to and support the university and expand the role and contribution of UCSS for students, the university and society as a whole. He also committed to lead UCSS to be more successful and well-known within the univer-sity and the greater community.

H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn presented Certificates of Appreciation to the outgoing UCSS 9th Mandate members and thanked them for their hard work, commitment and contributions. The President then congratu-lated the new leadership and urged them to continue the good work of their predecessors. He also thanked those who participated in the election but did not become office bearers and added that they are automatically UCSS members. UC has a budget for UCSS to cover its project expenses and technical support.

H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn encouraged the new leadership team to prioritize the following initiatives: 1) UCSS as representatives of The University of Cambodia, will work closely with the community through two or three new projects. 2) Collaborate with other faculties and colleges and the UC administration to undertake community charity work. And 3) Create its own Facebook account which can be linked to the UC Facebook and website.


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